All You Need to know About Smart Tint Glasses and where to find them


Glass is a great building material that makes our homes or offices more comfortable. Without glass our offices or homes would be dingy, damp, cold and dark. But regular glass used in windows has its disadvantages too. It allows heat and light inside your house without asking for permission. During summer, the more heat enters your living room the more you are going to use air conditioners to cool it down. This increases your energy bills and harms your environment. That is the reason why you will notice that most windows in homes or offices are fitted with blinds or curtains. This article will explain the concept of smart tint glass that can be used to solve the problems of regular windows highlighted above.

What is a Smart tinted glass?

Smart tint is a thin film that you can stick on your normal existing glass. There are several videos over the internet showing how you can install smart tint within seconds. But the truth of the matter is that installing smart tint glass requires experience and skills. The properties of smart glass are altered when current is applied on them.

Commercial applications of the smart tint glass technology


Because they are able to reduce glare and unwanted light thus allow passengers get a clear view of the outside, they are used as sunroofs and rear windows on vehicles.


At least over thirty models of aircraft use smart tint glass windows.


Smart tint glass is used to make skylights, windows, partitions and doors in homes or offices. They are mainly used to make architectural products because they;

-Eliminate shades and blinds
-Preserve night and daytime views
-Reduces glare
-Minimizes cooling and heatin requirement

-maximize daylighting

-Protect artwork and interior furnishings from fading


-Environmental benefit

Smart glasses are able to reflect light and this reduces the need to have air conditioners in your home. This helps to reduce the cooling and heating requirements plus the high installation cost of air conditioners.

-Simple to use

Since they are operated electronically they can easily be regulated using sunlight sensors or smart-home systems. This can be done when people are inside or outside.

-Added privacy

As stated earlier, the color of these glasses is altered when voltage is switched on and thus
users can switch on the voltage to make the windows darker and this enhances their privacy. It is also convenient for use as it changes color in minutes after voltage is switched on.


Despite the fact that they help users to save money on energy bills, they are also expensive and
can be a luxury to homeowners. The smart tint technology is new in the market and thus the higher costs.

Where to find reputable smart tint glass dealer

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