Reasons Why Copper Mugs are the Best

If you value your drinks then you understand the importance of the drinking vessel you use. The choice of drinking vessel you settle for goes a long way in determining the taste as well as the magnitude of your enjoyment. There are so many options available in the market today such as mugs made from metal, plastic or glass. The choice boils down to personal preferences. A lot of adults for instance resent using plastic mugs to take their favorite drinks. Copper mugs and cups top the list of the most preferred drinking vessels. Here are some of the reasons why mugs made using copper enjoy such superiority:


Copper boasts of an insulating element, which comes in handy when you need to keep your drinks cold and maintain them at such temperatures. Drinking vessels made from copper have for the longest time been used to chill drinks to give an extra cool sensation. Copper has the ability to take icy temperatures fast and hence helps you maintain the temperature of any drink you wish to take in its chilled state. Copper mugs are so great that they deflect heat during the summertime thereby ensuring that you enjoy your chilled drink regardless of the temperature outside.


A copper mug beats off competition from the other drinking vessels due to its enhanced versatility. These mugs can be used to serve various drinks from iced tea, rum, vodka, warm tea or lemonade. You do not have to invest in different mugs to serve drinks with during the winter and summer seasons. These mugs can be used to serve any type of drink whether in its hot or cold state. This metal is great as it is not susceptible to staining like other metals.


Copper cups and mugs again take the lead as far as taste is concerned. Despite the fact that drink’s taste is usually determined by the ingredients used in making it, copper enhances individual flavors. Copper has been found to enhance the taste of certain drinks such as ginger, beer, vodka and lime. This happens due to the fact that copper normally oxidizes whenever it comes into contact with these drinks thereby boosting the taste and aroma of such a drink. The chilling sensation that copper brings about in drinks helps in increasing the fuzziness of the carbonated drinks thereby increasing your drinking pleasure.


Copper is rich in various minerals some of which have been established to offering massive benefits to your health. When you use an unlined coffee mug to take your favorite drink, you get to enjoy several benefits. These include better digestion, purification, improved melanin production and skin health. It also expedites wound healing and slows aging. The high number of health properties make copper to be a great material for making drinking vessels.

On a normal day, a good number of people do not have their breakfast at the table given the hustle today to make that extra coin and chase deals here and there. This has made a huge number of people to have their breakfast in cars, on the go and in areas near their workplaces or schools. A huge number of people taking their breakfast while on the go usually use custom copper mugs. These types of mugs are great as they help in marketing your company identity, brand or logo to a wider audience out there. Making customized mugs is a huge business as most companies are competing to get positive exposure and take their name out there to their intended target audience.